Here at Palm, we’re all about helping with all your heating needs. Our qualified engineers have over 30 years of experience repairing and servicing boilers.

We offer both emergency and non-emergency repairs, with our team of experienced engineers able to diagnose and rectify any faults quickly and as cost effectively as possible. With excellent relationships with local suppliers, we can minimise the time your boiler isn’t working, you really can Keep Calm & Call Palm

With anything mechanical, sometimes things can go wrong and we understand that you need a quick and efficient solution.

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Annual Boiler Servicing

Most faults that occur in boilers and heating systems can be traced to wear and tear, many of these problems could be avoided by getting an annual service which can extend the life of your boiler and parts significantly.

Keeping your boiler running efficiently and safely is an on-going task. You need to have regular maintenance to ensure that it is working as you need it to, when you need it to. The best way of ensuring this is with an annual boiler service.

During any service one of our expert engineers will check for faults when your boiler is running, clean and check the inside, analyse the emissions from your flue and check for gas tightness to make sure they are safe and have no leaks. Without regular servicing your boiler can become slow and more likely to fail. It can also become uneconomical and will begin to start costing you money over time

Has a new boiler fitted recently? Your new boiler may still be under warranty with the manufacturer however, what many don’t realise that in order to keep your warranty valid, your boiler needs to be serviced every year.

With boiler servicing starting from just £66, get in touch to book yours today!

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