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Wednesday 17th of October 2018

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Do I need a Magnetic System Filter? 

We are often asked if a magnetic system filter is a necessary addition to a heating system. The answer is always yes.

We never replace a boiler without fitting a sludge filter alongside it. And here is why.

Boiler manufacturers warranties. A lot of top boiler brands will insist two things for their warranty to be valid.

  1. The heating system should be correctly dosed with inhibitor. This helps break the sludge in the system down.
  2. The heating system should have a sludge filter installed. This ensures that any faulty components are faulty, and not just the victim of sludge.

What is a Magnetic System Filter?

A heating system is built using various metal components. Take your radiators and copper piping for example. As the years go by the insides of the pipe and radiators rust. This rust breaks off and starts to circulate through the heating system.

This is combined with dirt and scale that is contained in the water in your system. Together, these particles form system sludge.

And this is where the problems start. The sludge settles in places throughout the heating system that can then cause major issues. A typical example of this is at the radiators. 

Radiators warm at the top but not the bottom? Recent pump failure or had to shell out a small fortune for a new heat exchanger? Soon adds up doesn't it? 

These problems are common symptoms of sludge build up in the system. A Magnetic System Filter is designed to catch this sludge.