Save energy and money with an Electric Combi Boiler from Palm Yorkshire

An electric combi boiler is the perfect solution for all-electric properties giving all the benefits of a gas combi boiler using standard radiators.

As the boilers work entirely on electricity, they don’t have moving parts such as fans and gas valves. This makes them extremely reliable and reduces the risk of breakdowns in the future.

With no flue or condensate requirements, the electric combi boiler can be fitted almost anywhere in the property and, as there are no burners, they are almost silent meaning they won’t be a nuisance if fitted in or near a bedroom.

Palm Yorkshire are the only accredited installer and service provider in the north of England for Fiamma Electric Boilers

Electric combi boilers work brilliantly with Solar PV installation, using the electricity generated by the sun to help power your boiler to heat your home and hot water. An electric combi boiler can work with exactly the same controls as a gas combi boiler, so can still be used with smart controls that you can access from your phone.

Electric combi boilers work brilliantly with Solar PV installation, using the Electric combi boilers are not just suitable for all-electric properties. We have had a number of customers replace their gas boilers with an electric boiler to help reduce their impact on the environment. As it doesn’t release any gases into the atmosphere and eliminates any dangers of gas or carbon monoxide within their family home.

Due to its inbuilt Legionella function, they are fast becoming popular with Landlords and Letting Agents due to the new laws regarding Legionella in rental properties They come in a variety of sizes and models, the most suitable option for your home will depend on your hot water usage and the number of bathrooms.

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What are the benefits?


  • Electric boilers are 99.9% efficient
  • They modulate, which means the boiler will only use the electricity it is needing to keep your home comfortable and can run on as little as 2Kw
  • You can spend on average 30p per hour for your heating and hot water
  • Gas boilers use electricity to drive the fan for CO elimination. This consumption of energy is eliminated


  • Gas meter standing charges are eliminated
  • Can be integrated with Solar PV Panels
  • No gas valve, air pressure switch, PCB’s, electrodes or burners which save money
  • Fewer and more affordable parts


  • As there are no products of combustion, no flue is needed. Meaning installation isn’t limited to an outside wall or the need to hire scaffold to install a flue at high level
  • Can be installed in any room as they are almost silent
  • No gas pipework
  • Electric boilers need less space when compared to some gas boilers


  • Electric boilers don’t produce CO or condensate
  • CO Detectors are not required
  • Inbuilt function where domestic hot water is heated up to 65°C to eliminate Legionella bacteria
  • Protected by an inbuilt RCD

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