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Save energy with an Electric Combi Boiler from 

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Having a good boiler makes a huge difference in a household, especially in the UK when the winters are cold! When it comes to choosing the right type of boiler, an Electric Combi Boiler is an efficient way to heat up your home and provide hot water. 

What are the benefits?

Read below to see all the advantages this type of boiler can bring to your home.


  • Electric Combi Boilers are 99.9% efficient
  • They modulate, which means the boiler can run on as little as 2kW
  • You can spend on average 30p per hour for your heating and hot water
  • Gas boilers use electricity to drive the fan for CO elimination. This consumption of energy is eliminated


  • Does not produce CO or condensate
  • CO Detectors are not required
  • They have an inbuilt function where domestic hot water is heated up to 65 degrees celcius to eliminate Legionella bacteria in order to meet the new Legionella Laws for Landlords and Letting Agents
  • Protected by an inbuilt RCD 


  • Gas meter standing charges are eliminated
  • No yearly servicing charges
  • Can be intergrated with Solar PV Panels 
  • No gas valve, air pressure switch, PCB's, electrodes or burners which saves money
  • Fewer and more affordable parts 

  • No flue is needed meaning installation is not limited to an outside wall or the need for hiring scaffold to install flues at a high level
  • Can be fitted in any room as they are completely silent
  • Easy fault finding
  • No gas pipe so makes for easier installation
  • Electric Combi Boilers require less space when compared to some gas boilers

I'm interested, what do I need to do now? 


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