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System Flush

There are 2 types of cleaning available for your central heating system.

Chemical flush

This involves introducing a chemical cleaner into your system which helps to remove built up magnetic sludge eliminating cold spots in radiators and restoring proper heat distribution. The heating will be set running so the cleaner can be distributed through the entire system at a high temperature.

Power flush

The alternative to a chemical flush is a power flush. This is an effective technique to keep your radiators operating efficiently.

The power flush machine will be connected to your system pumping hot water and cleaning chemicals for around 4 – 8 hours depending on how many radiators are on the system. 

The result of powerflushing is that the boiler and the rest of the central heating system becomes more efficient. This occurs because there is better circulation through the pipework and the radiators and in turn, the boiler doesn’t have to work as hard to warm the house and the water. Therefore the overall result is that you save money on your gas bills. 


After either flush above has been carried out, a chemical inhibitor or protector will be added to the system. This can also extend the life of the system ensuring the maximum efficiency and minimising fuel usage.

Key features of the Sentinel X100 Inhibitor are:

  • Heavy duty inhibitor
  • Protects against limescale and corrosion.
  • Energy saving trust recommended
  • Suitable for all system metals
  • pH neutral formulation
  • Suitable for all water types

If you would like any further information regarding chemical flushing please contact us on 0113 2047708.