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Heating controls

Radiator valves

In a wet system, radiator valves control the flow of water through your radiators and getting the right valve on each radiator is vital. Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s) are self-regulating and change the temperature of a room by changing the flow of water automatically.

As the valve works by sensing the temperature of the air surrounding it, it is important to ensure that it is not covered by curtains or furniture.

The replacement of a manual valve with a TRV has been estimated to save at least 280 kilograms (620 lb) CO2 per year. They are also considerably cost-efficient, using heat only when needed, and can reduce heating bills by up to 17% a year.

Thermostats and Programmers

Room thermostat – These regulate the temperature of your home. Once the desired temperature is set the thermostat will turn the boiler off when the set limit is reached and then turn back on as soon as the temperature in the room drops below the desired level. The thermostat temperature should be set at the lowest comfortable temperature, usually between 18 - 21 degrees Celsius.

The boiler thermostat controls the temperature of the water that flows through your system and feeds your radiators.

Cylinder thermostat – If you have hot water fed from or stored in a cylinder this thermostat will set the water temperature to a desired level and prevent the boiler from over-heating the water. The temperature level is usually around 60 degrees Celsius or above so that harm full bacteria are killed off. It is always recommended that a thermostatic mixing valve be installed to ensure the water is a safe temperature and reduce the risk of scalding.

Programmer or timer – A programmer is used to set on/off times for your heating and hot water. Some models only allow control of your heating and would be used with a combi boiler, this is because the hot water is only created when you turn on your taps. Other models are used for systems with a cylinder and control both heating and hot water separately.

Programmable thermostat  – This is a combination or a programmer and a room thermostat controlling both time and temperature in one unit. It would usually be fit in the same room as a room thermostat allowing the user to have one point of reference.

Most of the above controls can either be hard wired or have wireless options available. For further information about heating controls, please contact us on 0113 2047708.