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Wednesday 17th of October 2018

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Electric Combi Boilers

Having problems with electric panel or storage heaters? Why not upgrade to an electric combi boiler and a full wet heating system?

Our electric combi boilers are the perfect solution if you don’t have a gas supply but still want radiators heating your home, providing fast and efficient hot water and heating.

Furthermore, if you have solar PV panels, electricity generated from the solar panels on your roof can considerably reduce the running cost of electric boilers whilst improving the carbon footprint of the property.

Energy Efficient

Electric combi boilers are up to 99.9% efficient

No Gas?

No problem! Electric combi boilers are a perfect solution

Here at Palm we have the capability to install gas fuelled boilers, and also electric combi and system boilers.

Boilers powered by electricity eliminate gas pipe upgrades, Gas Safety Checks, Carbon Monoxide emissions, condensate pipes, and they offer great flexibility in where the boiler can be positioned due to no flue being required.